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Essentials of Profitable Showroom Sales

Author : Hank Darlington and Paul Martin - ASA

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All Essentials courses include end-of-chapter, self-grading quizzes as well as a final exam to be submitted to the ASA Education Foundation for grading. Passing grades result in a certificate suitable for framing.

This course will teach your employees how a showroom targets its customer base, the importance of following a set of best practices, how pricing and discount decisions impact the bottom line and much, much more. In seven condensed chapters, Showroom Sales covers the critical concepts in sales, customer service, and marketing. Designed to help new employees sharpen their selling skills and seasoned salespeople to refresh theirs, the program includes book-based instruction, short quizzes, a glossary, an appendix with practice exercises, a final exam, and a certificate of completion for those who pass the exam. Showroom Sales can be taken as a single course or taught in groups. Multiple course and testing packages are available. Course topics include:

-The role of showrooms in wholesale/distribution
-Characteristics of successful showrooms
-Why “best practices” are key to showroom success
-Three main parts of successful selling
-Sales behaviors for great sales consultants
-The nine steps in the selling cycle
-Signals that indicate a customer is preparing to buy
-Factors that make a sale profitable
-Important reasons to grow gross margin dollars
-12 Keys to successful sales consulting
-How customer complaints can become a sales opportunity
-Why knowing about the competition can improve overall sales

Hank Darlington is a well-known expert in the field of successful showroom marketing and sales in the plumbing industry. As the former owner of an independent business comprising three showrooms, he is intimately familiar with the challenges of operations a profitable showroom while balancing relationships with contractor customers, homeowners, and others whose business you wish to maintain. Hank writes regularly for the trade press.