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Green Building Square Foot Costbook 2014

ISBN : 978-1-55701-802-1

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If your customers are demanding their buildings meet LEED® green building standards, estimating construction costs can represent quite a challenge – especially if, like most of us, you’ve never built a green building before. This book contains square foot prices for over 50 different types of green buildings, broken down by CSI division. You’ll also find articles on the cost of LEED® certification, green roof design, and the goals of other LEED® certified builders throughout the U.S. All of the costs in the book have been carefully adjusted for 2014. Included are government projects, commercial buildings, schools and libraries, medical facilities, residential buildings and recreational facilities, reflecting the vast array of "green" materials and technologies being used in construction today. For each building, the book provides a detailed narrative describing its major features and the steps taken to minimize environmental impact – both in its construction and its operation. There are large pictures of the finished buildings, the cost breakdown for each project, broken out on a cost-per-square-foot basis and by CSI MasterFormat section, along with the primary specifications and full details about the construction team.

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You’ll also gain new insights into the indirect and administrative costs of LEED® certification, and the return on investment that you can expect from the implementation of green technologies. Discover today how to estimate the cost of using green technologies and materials in your building projects, including:

• Recycled materials
• Local sourcing
• Reclaimed water systems
• Solar and geothermal heating systems
• Engineered glass
• Wetland septic systems
• Natural ventilation
• Low off-gassing VOC carpeting and finished
• Thermally uncoupled wall systems

If the unknown costs of building green have kept you from bidding on jobs you could have had, the small price of this book will be returned to you many times over in the future job bids you’re sure to win.