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Green Building Square Foot Costbook 2015

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The new 2015 Sweets Green Building Square Foot Costbook is a comprehensive collection of 57 recent LEED® and sustainable building projects along with their actual square foot costs, broken down by CSI MasterFormat section.

All of the costs in the Green Building Square Foot Costbook have been carefully adjusted for 2015. Included are libraries, commercial buildings, schools, medical facilities, and residential projects. Special emphasis for this 2015 edition is on educational and multi-family residential buildings.

All the projects covered reflect the vast array of "green" materials and technologies being used today - including straw bale systems and ACCEL-I wall systems.

For each building, the Sweets Green Building Square Foot Costbook 2015 provides a detailed narrative describing the major features of the actual building, the steps taken to minimize the environmental impact both in its construction and its operation and a square-foot cost breakdown of each building component.

All costs are clearly broken out on a cost-per-square-foot basis, along with the primary specifications and full details about the construction team.