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Siting, Drilling, and Construction of Water Supply Wells

Author : Frederick Bloetscher, Albert Muniz, John Largey
ISBN : 1583215166

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Designed for municipal water supply engineers, hydrogeologists, water utility managers, and water resource professionals, this book is an excellent desk reference for any question regarding water wells, including siting, water quality, drilling methods, field testing, design, construction, development, and operation.

You get professional and expert guidance in all aspects of water-well siting and drilling. A wealth of engineering data for design and construction, plus dozens of photographs and drawings, are included. The book describes and illustrates all common drilling methods, geophysical logging, and field testing. Well development, which may be the most important part of the well-drilling process for assuring well productivity and long life, is covered in detail.

The book is designed to be a practical reference. Well operation and maintenance, including pump and motor maintenance, record keeping, water quality monitoring, and common operational problems, are explained thoroughly.

Published by AWWA