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Planning Drain, Waste & Vent Systems

ISBN : 1889892297

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How to design plumbing systems in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. Covers systems that meet the latest code requirements for homes, commercial buildings, private sewage disposal systems, and even mobile home parks. Includes relevant code sections and many illustrations to guide you through the code requirements for designing drainage, waste, and vent systems. This practical guide to planning and drainage, waste and vent systems will help you prepare plumbing plans for just about any project you're likely to handle; residential, commercial, private sewage disposal systems, mobile home parks - even public toilet room layouts for the physically handicapped. It covers the entire subject, for basic plumbing principles to the final drawings. Emphasis is on designing systems that meet requirements for any of the popular plumbing codes.

Detailed Chapters:

* Basic plumbing principles
* General Regulations
* Plumbing materials
* Vents and venting
* Traps and cleanouts
* Interceptors and separators
* Septic Tanks and Drainfiefds
* Drawing DWV plans.

Most plumbing designers know the inconvenience and expense of having their plans rejected - often because of a small oversight. This Manual has all the information you need to get your plans approved the first time, and to avoid expensive mistakes and delays. Everyone who plans or installs plumbing systems in communities where plumbing codes are enforced should have this practical manual. Illustrated with hundreds of diagrams, sketches and schematics, this is your best guide to the intricacies of drainage, waste and vent systems.