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Kitchen & Bath Project Costs: Planning and Estimating Successful Projects

ISBN : 0-87629-784-X

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Product Details

Detailed costs and estimating guidance for dozens of the most popular kitchen and bath renovations.

This book gives you 35 project estimates for the most popular kitchen and bath renovations…. from replacing a single fixture to whole-room and adjoining space remodels.

Each estimate

-All materials needed for the project
-Labor hours to install (and demolish/remove) each item
-Subcontractor cost for certain trades and services
-An allocation for overhead and profit

Use these estimates as checklists to make sure your own estimates are in the right range, as backup for pricing, or as a cost reference for preliminary discussion with homeowners.


Takeoff and pricing worksheets—forms you can photocopy or access electronically from the book’s Web site.
Alternate materials—unit costs for different finishes and fixtures—so you can match the estimates to the particulars of your projects.
Location factors—easy multipliers to adjust the book’s costs to your own location. (More than 900 individual areas throughout the U.S. and Canada, organized by zip code.)
Also includes expert guidance on estimating methods, project design, contracts, marketing, working with homeowners, and tips for each of the estimated projects.