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Buried Pipe Design, 3rd Ed.

Author : A. P. Moser, Steve Folkman
ISBN : 007147689X

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Unearth the Secrets of Designing and Building High-Quality Buried Piping Systems

This brand-new edition of Buried Pipe Design helps you analyze the performance of a wide range of pipes, so you can determine the proper pipe and installation system for the job. Covering almost every type of rigid and flexible pipe, this unique reference identifies and describes factors involved in working with sewer and drain lines, water and gas mains, subway tunnels, culverts, oil and coals slurry lines, and telephone and electrical conduits. It provides clear examples for designing new municipal drinking and wastewater systems or rehabilitating existing ones that will last for many years on end. Comprehensive in scope and meticulously detailed in content, this is the pipe design book you'll want for a reference.

This NEW edition includes:

Important data on the newest pipe styles, including profile-wall polyethylene

Updated references to ASTM, AWWA, and ASHTTO, standards

Numerous examples of specific types of pipe system designs

Safety precautions included in installation specifications Greater elaboration on trenchless technology methods New information on the cyclic life of PVC pressure pipe Buried Pipe Design covers the ins and outs of:

External Loads
Gravity Flow Pipe Design
Pressure Pipe Design
Rigid Pipe Products
Flexible Steel Pipe
Flexible Ductile Iron Pipe
Flexible Plastic Pipe
Pipe Installation
Trenchless Technology

Date July 30, 2008
Hardback, 601 pages

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Table of contents
Chapter 1. Introduction and Overview
Chapter 2. External Loads
Chapter 3. Design of Gravity Flow Pipes
Chapter 4. Design of Pressure Pipes
Chapter 5. Rigid Pipe Products
Chapter 6. Steel and Ductile Iron Flexible Pipe Products
Chapter 7. Plastic Flexible Pipe Products
Chapter 8. Pipe Installation and Trenchless Technology