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Heat Load Pro - CD Version

Author : Mario Restive and John Siegenthaler

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Product Details

A software package designed to quickly and accurately estimate the design heat load of a building on a room-by-room basis - the essential starting point for designing any heating system. The user can “build” an almost limitless variety of walls, ceilings, and floors within each room of a building. Pull-down menus are used to select both traditional and contemporary construction materials. Heat Load Pro instantly calculates the effective R-value of these constructions as each material is selected or modified. It automatically accounts for the presence of framing in walls, air films, and the depth of backfill against basement walls. It allows multiple types of windows and doors to be placed in walls. Material selections are provided for traditional types of construction as well as contemporary systems such as structural insulated panels (SIPs), and insulated concrete forms (ICFs). Since new construction materials are always entering the market Heat Load Pro also allows you to “override” the calculated R-value of any component to accommodate these materials. Heat Load Pro includes a simple but powerful calculator for determining the area of complex surfaces and the volume of complex room shapes. Together, these tools let you quickly determine the design heat loss of each room in a building. Heat Load Pro also tells you exactly where each room looses heat numerically as well as graphically using a bar graph.