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DeWALT® HVAC Estimating Professional Reference

ISBN : 0-9777183-5-2

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Mechanical estimators, building contractors, and technical trade contractors alike will benefit from the straightforward, must-know HVAC estimating information that this book provides. The DEWALT® HVAC Estimating Professional Reference guides readers through each step of the HVAC bidding process, beginning with identifying potential business opportunities, and progressing to estimating, conducting cost analysis, reviewing contracts, and finally, to closing the deal. On-site worksheets, “Getting the Job” tips, and math shortcuts offer additional tools, making this a concise yet comprehensive resource for anyone preparing to bid for an HVAC job.


• pocket-guide design puts “must know” information at the user’s fingertips for on-the-job success • completely current and up-to-date with industry standards • special cover material is flexible, tear-resistant, and water- and oil-resistant for ease of use in the shop or on-the-job • exclusive super-strong binding allows the books to lay flat when opened while keeping the pages securely intact • large and easy-to-read text makes finding information a breeze • conveniently fits into any pocket or toolbox for the ideal carry-along