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ACT Contractors Forms on Disk for General Contractors

ACT Contractors Forms on Disk for General Contractors. For over 13 years we have been providing State and Trade Specific Contractor Forms for Construction Businesses like yours! Our years of construction experience and 13 years of customer feedback has shown us what should be in your forms and just as important... what should not be in your forms.

Until now, only the largest construction firms have had the resources to implement and take advantage of a custom contractors form solution like this. Use this software to give your business a "leg up" over your competition by showing your potential customers the most professional forms available so they can have the utmost confidence in your company. ... confidence that YOUR company is the one they should be doing business with! Our forms are designed to help you sell more jobs, to protect YOUR interests, and are written to comply with the laws of your state.

Please Note: This is a complete software program that includes from 70-90 professionally typeset General Contractor Forms (number of forms depends on your state). You do not need any other software program such as Microsoft (MS) Word with this software... everything is included. These forms are not MS Word based and because of this do not have the limitations of word based forms in the way they are laid out and filled in. The forms generated from ACT Contractors Forms on Disk For General Contractors are of commercial quality and are typeset by design professionals using content gathered from years of construction experience verified to comply with state laws by construction attorneys.

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Item #: Forms on Disk for General Contractors
FODG1 - For CA and NV
$ 389.00 USD
Item #: Forms_Disk for General Cont_excludes CA and NV
FODG3 All states excluding CA and NV
$ 319.00 USD

Additional Details

MS Word Based Forms have these limitations...Our Forms Don't!
Tend to be overly long, often 8 or more pages for a contract (ours are 2-pages)
Customers feel intimidated by their length.
Grow as you type into them making them longer still. (our forms do not)
Are easy to damage when filling them out.
Look homemade and not professionally typeset.
Every Form you will ever need is in ACT Contractors Forms on Disk For General Contractors Including these ...and more!:
Biding Forms- Bid Proposal (3 versions included),Subcontract Bid Proposal (2 versions included), Construction Cost Breakdown, Bid Plan Sheet, Request For Material Price, Request For Bid Inspection Photo Sheet, Job References Sheet
Billing Forms- Construction Invoice, Standard Invoice, Time & Material Invoice (these forms calculate) Change Order Forms- Change Order, Extra Work Order, Change Order for Sub, Extra Work Order for Sub, Change Order to Sub, Extra Work Order to Sub, Change Order Log
Contracts - (varies with your state) Construction Contract, Construction Contract for use by Salesmen, Residential (Home Improvement) Construction Contract, Residential Construction Contract for use by Salesmen, Construction T&M Proposal/Contract, Home Improvement Proposal/Contract, Construction Proposal/Contract, Cost Plus Fixed Fee Contract, Cost Plus Percentage Contract
For CA only: California Service and Repair Contract, California Service and Repair Contract Fixed Price, California Service and Repair Notices, California Home Improvement Contracts California Home Improvement Notices, Continuation and Home Improvement Notices
Lien Releases- (varies with your state requirements)
Insurance Forms- Authorization of Insured (contingency agreement), Insurance Bid, Insurance Contract
Miscellaneous Business Forms- Addendum for Matching Existing Conditions & Finishes, Cost of Work Addendum, Cost of Work Addendum for Cost Plus Contracts, Construction Payment Schedule (2 versions), Joint Control Addendum, Hazardous Materials Disclaimer Addendum, Continuation of Form Sheet (4 different included), Daily Field Report, Daily Report, Fax Transmittal, Weekly Time Card, Advertisement Labels, Matching Letterhead, Matching #10 envelope, Memorandum, Purchase Order, Transmittal, Submittal, Request for Information, Request for Technical Instructions, Door Hanger Template for Marketing your business (2 different included)
Pre-Lein-Lien Forms for your State- (varies with your state requirements)
Subcontract Forms- Subcontract, Subcontract with Indemnity Agreement, Back Charge Notice for Subcontractors, Subcontractor Notice to Perform
Warranties- Warranty Form, Warranty Certificate

Software Requirements:
IBM compatible Pentium PC or Laptop with CD/DVD ROM & mouse. Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, or Vista Not Directly Mac Compatible but...(Mac Users can run this program using a Windows Emulator like Parallels Desktop for Mac. Ask your Apple Store) 256MB RAM minimum (512MB with Vista) 500MB free hard disk space. SVGA (800x600 resolution, 16 bit color) display or higher. Windows compatible printer (inkjet or laser). Most any computer running Windows XP or Vista will run this program!