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Carpet Reference Manual: Floorcovering Installation Training

Author : FCICA

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The FCICA Floorcovering Installation Training (FIT) Carpet Reference Manual is intended for anyone in the flooring industry desiring a basic understanding of carpet installation. For over 12 years the FIT Program has been recognized as one of the best training programs for flooring professionals and for students who want to master the on-the-job standards of flooring professionals. The Carpet Reference Manual is one of several available tools in the FIT program that assists installers with the necessary skill to ensure both personal and consumer satisfaction.

Features of this First Edition
This first edition of The FCICA FIT Carpet Reference Manual has been created to satisfy the continually evolving demands of the carpet flooring industry. Featuring topics such as the Residential vs. Commercial Carpet Market, Carpet Construction, Floor Preparation, specific Installation and Instruction and more, this manual is a necessary tool for all willing to dedicate themselves to the trade. In addition, this thorough manual addresses business requirements like Floorcovering Installer Professionalism, along with Planning, Measuring, and Estimating a job.

Other Components of the FIT Program
A number of supplementary components are available for trainers, instructors and students including:

• Pattern Carpet DVD
• Tile Flooring Reference Manual
• Resilient Reference Manual
• Trainer’s Resource Manual
• Instructor’s Resource Manuals & Videos
• Student Guide Books for various flooring subject