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2015 National Plumbing & HVAC Estimator
Manhours, labor and material costs for all common plumbing and HVAC work in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. You can quickly work up a reliable estimate based on the pipe, fittings and equipment required.
Included in this edition: costs for ASME "H" or "U" stamped, LFUE certified 90% or better green certified boilers, costs for emmission sensing and recording equipment for boilers, costs for self-contained roof-top DX air conditioning units, costs for heat recovery ventilators, roof exhaust fans, makeup air units, ventilation exhausters, energy-effecient exhauster arrays, air balance software, LEED certified boilers, residential heat pumps, LEED certified geothermal heat pumps, LEED certified residential HVAC, LEED certified air to air heat pumps, and much more.

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Featured Product!
Means Heavy Construction Cost Data 2014
With RSMeans Heavy Construction Cost Data 2014, you get costs for all types of heavy construction — from highways, bridges, utilities, rails and marine projects, to sanitary and storm sewer project. This cost data is excellent for DOC, JOC, SABER, and BOS projects.

What you'll find inside:

- Unit costs for over 15,000 work items, assembly costs for over 2,000 work items, reference articles, crew tables, and equipment rental tables to help you estimate new construction, demolition work, repairs, replacements, and change orders.
- Global prices and availability of oil, steel and cement are impacting a number of product lines — the 2014 edition will tell you which ones.
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